Product Merchandising In Your Salon

Product Merchandising In Your Salon

Product Merchandising

Displaying your retail products does not have to be extravagant but should be practical and fit in well with your salon or spa decor. You want shelving that fits as much product as possible but is easy to get to for clients and realistic for your staff to keep clean.

Neatness Counts

Regardless of the type of shelving that you opt for, be sure your retail area is well lit and is dusted and straightened up on a regular basis. Line bottles, jars, and boxes of product up uniformly with the labels facing forward. For smaller boxes and jars, stack them neatly but not so high that a client will knock everything over when they reach for one product. If your inventory runs low, get creative with the product on your shelving and stack mini pyramids of boxes or stagger bottles across if needed to take up space. Take pride in your retail offerings and try hard to keep shelves stocked and looking inviting.

Point of Purchase Materials

Make use of manufacturer-supplied shelf talkers, which are small product information labels that sit on the edge of the shelf in front of each row of products. They usually list the name of the specific product with a brief, easy-to-read description, which will help the client identify the products they want more quickly. Some manufacturers also supply tent cards announcing new products or other point of purchase merchandising displays that help grab attention for the brand and help you sell.

If for any reason you are not able to find manufacturer support materials for your retail area, make your own. Work with a designer to come up with a template and have them pull product information from the brand’s website. For shelf talkers, look into shelf label holders so you can slide in the label and replace it as often as desired. There are several types including ones that clip onto the edge of your shelving based on shelf thickness. For tent cards and front desk displays, consider investing in a few acrylic sign holders that allow you to change out the content. Ask your distributor to help by supplying information about new products and use your best judgment to come up with products to highlight during key seasons.

Keep in mind that your clients expect you to tell them about any new or existing products that would be a good fit for them and their hair type, condition or style. Point of purchase is one area that is ideal for showcasing such products and announcing new launches.

In What Order?

Most product manufacturers have merchandising standards or suggestions as to how they would like their products displayed. For example, a brand may have an entire line dedicated to volumizing, and they want that line to display across one shelf with the volume shampoo on the left, followed by volume conditioner and ending after several products with volume finishing spray on the right. This type of merchandising uses vertical marketing, which in this case means the entire hair care solution for a particular type of hair is displayed all together versus broken up with shampoos of all kinds in one area, conditioners in another and styling products in yet another. Naturally, you want to think through what’s best for your clients and how they shop, but vertical marketing is solution-based, which is helpful when recommending products for specific hair types or conditions. The thought process is that the client is more likely to buy other volume-related products, in this example, if they are seen in one area along with the shampoo and conditioner that they were looking to purchase anyway.

Keeping Interest

It’s highly advised to create a continually evolving retail environment to keep clients interested in the products that you sell. The main shelving with products should stay consistent, so clients know where to find the items that they want. However, you can dedicate a shelf or a specific area in the salon or spa to a display that is changed out often. A simple presentation or series of displays highlighting a single product, a line of products or even a seasonal favorite make for interesting browsing for customers. If you have the room, bring in a small table that fits your decor and use the surface to create a new display every few weeks (think in terms of how often your clients return to the salon). You can also use a small portion of your front desk for a single product display or take advantage of the client’s line of sight behind the front desk during check-in and out. Just keep things neat and stay away from clutter.

If you don’t have enough space to do a display, consider changing out seasonal decorations to liven things up. You can celebrate holidays, the changing seasons or local events using props, decorations or even design artwork that you can produce in-house. The beauty with such artwork is that you can use it to brand your promotion, and push the event onto social media, in your salon or spa newsletter or elsewhere in the salon.


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