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Salon Inventory Management

Salon Inventory Management

No more counting bottles! Keep your retail well-stocked without over-buying. Between mass updates, running-low alerts, and integrated ordering, we’ve got everything you need to manage your salon or spa inventory with ease.

Rosy’s exclusive salon and spa inventory management software ensures that your shelves are always stocked. Reduce costs and be ready for every retail sale by setting your own reordering parameters. Even more exciting, integrated ordering allows your local distributor to replenish your stock automatically.

Using Rosy’s Inventory Management system is easy. Mass updates allow you to add all salon and spa inventory information at one time including manufacturers, product groups, product names, sizes, costs, and retail prices. Once you set the on-hand quantities or current inventory, and target quantities, or what you want to keep on your shelves, you’re ready to roll. Rosy keeps continuous, accurate track of every product in your salon or spa and adjusts the inventory figures each time you make a sale, process a return, or receive a new product shipment.

Rosy’s salon and spa inventory software will also alert you when you’re running low on any product according to your own pre-set trigger points, without time-consuming physical inventories every week. You’ll save time, spot sales trends, simplify order processing, and maximize product sales – all while reducing inventory costs.

Plus, powerful suggestive selling via our Salon Point of Sale (POS) automatically suggests retail products to customers based on their service needs. How amazing is that?

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“Managing our retail inventory has been super-easy with Rosy. To get started, we did a mass update and then set the thresholds for reordering. I’m so thrilled that we don’t have to count bottles anymore!”

- Devin Bates, Shear Illusions