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“Best Software ever!!!”
Pam Fox

“Rosy fxxkng Rocks!!!”

“Rosy has saved my life!!”
Nadine Salon 6

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Cabana Salon

“It has everything you could ever want in a POS system for your salon.”
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Kay Casperson Salon

“We love Rosy. It keeps us lovely and organized throughout the day.”
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Spa Jump

“We’ve been using it for about 7 years. We love the convenience of it.”
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“We love the simplicity of it. We love that our clients can use it online and in the salon.”
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“It has really got things together and I highly recommend it.”
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Infinity Hair Salon

“We’ve checked out a lot of competition and Rosy hands down nailed it.”
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“We’ve been using Rosy for about 6 years now and we love it.”
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Pure Salon

“Ever since we got Rosy to our salon everything has changed.”
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“Rosy’s the easiest and clients love it. More importantly hair stylists love it.”
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“I am a new salon owner and Rosy has been amazing. I absolutely love it.”
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Salon L

“We just love it. We can’t imagine doing anything without it.”
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“It’s extremely easy to use. I was able to set the whole thing up in less than an hour.”
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A Salon of Studio City

“We don’t even have receptionists. Rosy does it all for us.”
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“We Love Rosy”

Various Rosy clients letting us know how much they love Rosy.
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ABS 2015

Various Rosy clients from America’s Beauty Show 2015.
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Rosy has 5/5 stars on Capterra!

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