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We can’t thank all our wonderful customers enough! We love working with you and being a part of your business and helping it flourish every day. Thanks again!

“I have been using Rosy Salon Software for about five years now and feel it’s one of the best things I've done to grow my business. It has played a key role in client growth and retention. It is super easy to use and they are continually updating and adding new features that help me run my business professionally and efficiently.”

- Trena Burckle, Esthetician/Owner at TrenaKaye SkinSpa

“I am a receptionist at a hair studio, and before Rosy, it was difficult to make appointments due to the software we had. Now that we have Rosy, it is not only user-friendly, but it also allows our studio to stand apart by offering customizing options (i.e., our logo on the customer scheduling page, etc.). Thank you Rosy for making my job easier!”

- Victoria Hutson, Receptionist at DUKE the Studio

“We have been thoroughly satisfied with Rosy. I've used several other salon software programs and Rosy is by far the easiest to learn while maintaining robust features. It takes about 10 minutes to feel comfortable with it and they have made some great improvements while we've been using it. It's also nice not to have to worry about data backups or hosting a server.”

- Brad Hess, Mary Hess Studio

“I have used Rosy Salon software for close to three years. I'm impressed because they continually update their product and the software is suitable for any size business. As a salon owner, the software allows me to run reports, therefore saving me time and allowing me to maintain accurate records of daily business transactions. I'm very pleased with Rosy, and I would highly recommend this software!”

- Carolyn Raible, K&C Salon LLC

“I operate a small lash extension business, and Rosy Salon Software makes my scheduling stress-free! The application is ready to access on any device, and it sends reminders to my clients automatically. Once I set the appointment, I don't have to worry about it anymore. The placeholder changes color when the client confirms and I don't have to go chasing people down to see if they're coming. Perfect for me!”

- Erin Lux, Lux Lashes

“The features allow me to do what I need to function as a stylist (a busy stylist) but it also aids my records as a salon owner. I can customize reports, view stylists’ strengths and weaknesses, grow my retail business, and thrive as an appointment setter. I totally love the customer service support I have received from day one of the demo with Rosy!”

- Tabitha Breeden, Salon IDentity LLC

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