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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

Launching November 18, 2019

Do you have these problems?
  • New fees seem to pop up every month
  • Bank deposits are not what you expect
  • Paying too much and not what was promised
  • Batching and reconciliation is a hassle
  • Statements are difficult to understand
  • You don’t know who to contact for support
  • You never get the answer you want from your processor
We’ve solved all of these problems …

…by using our SalonRunner Pay platform, tightly integrated with SalonRunner software, and supported by the same team of experts you contact for SalonRunner software support.

  • Flat-rate pricing
  • No hidden fees, monthly or annual
  • Fully integrated payments, reporting, and reconciliation
  • Automatic batching
  • All the information you need in one place
  • Full SalonRunner POS, CC storage, memberships, and more
  • You contact SalonRunner for ALL of your support needs
Here’s the Deal
  • Flat 2.65% rate + $0.15/transaction
  • Limited time $300 hardware terminal credit
  • No monthly or hidden fees
  • All of the advanced SalonRunner processing features + future updates
  • Unlimited setup assistance and support from SalonRunner
  • Custom rates available if processing greater than $10,000/month
Click here if you would want to receive a meet-or-beat quote.
  • Seamless, integrated transactions
  • Credit Card capture & storage
  • Charge fees for cancellations/no shows
  • Sell gift cards, packages and memberships through your online client scheduling
  • Charge monthly recurring memberships
  • 12-Hour Funding to Next Day Funding
  • Supports Multiple Merchant Accounts
  • CardSecure® – Mathematically irreversible “tokens” that are stored in CardConnect’s off-site vault for the ultimate in security
  • Lower interchange fees – Interchange optimization ensures you get the best possible interchange rates for each and every transaction
  • Web-based merchant portal – Receive alerts, view deposit reports and enjoy paperless processing at no extra charge
  • American Express Opt Blue – Lower pricing on all American Express transactions
  • 24/7 Customer Service – CardConnect is always there to take your call

Custom Rate Processing

CardConnect will meet or beat your existing processing rates! You will get all of the same integration benefits at a custom rate, with hassle-free setup.

Flat Rate Processing

Looking for an integrated, straightforward, PCI compliant payment processing solution without all of the guesswork? Thanks to a partnership between CardConnect and Rosy, we’ve got a simple flat-rate model at 2.65% for your business.

BOLT Device Integration with CardConnect

Leveraging our partnership with CardConnect, we’ve enhanced our credit card processing offerings with BOLT – a device for integrated and secure payment acceptance with your SalonRunner account.

Enhanced features include:

  • EMV or “Chip and PIN” processing
  • New tip prompt to make adding gratuity a breeze
  • Secure card storage including client signature capture

Want to see how it works? Click here.

Got CardConnect? Want BOLT? Call CardConnect @ (877) 948-9733

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