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Rewards & Referrals


Rewards & Referrals

Rewards & Referrals

It’s important to reward client loyalty and to encourage referrals. In less than 10 minutes, you can design a loyalty program that encourages frequent visits and increased spending. Use Rewards to incentivize referrals, online client scheduling, retail purchases, and much more. Your customers will feel appreciated while helping your business grow.

Did you know that rewards program members are 7x more likely to spread positive word-of-mouth marketing to family and friends about their experiences than the general population?

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“With Rosy’s rewards program, our clients appreciate the opportunity to accumulate points and cash them in for services later. We give points for all purchases but also use the program to influence certain behaviors. Clients get extra points for booking online, buying retail from our online store, and scheduling treatments on slower days or filling cancellations.”

- Kevin Treat, Indulgences Day Spa