Maximizing Client Retention

Maximizing Client Retention

Have you ever wondered what it is that keeps clients coming back for more? Why some customers leave while others stay as if they were nearly family? Whether it’s their hair, makeup, facials, lashes, massage, waxing, or nails, clients naturally expect the service that you provide to be stellar. That’s a given. The truth is that what keeps them coming back for more has little to do with the salon or spa services you offer. It’s more than that. Their decision to stay a client is all about how they feel after they walk out your door.

So, the question is, how do you keep customers coming back time and again? Here are some suggestions to help keep your clients happy and clamoring for more.

Client Comfort

Think about the overall ambiance of your salon or spa, or in terms of customer comfort. Pay careful attention to the temperature throughout the day and adjust the air or heat accordingly. Be aware of the music that’s playing, the volume, appropriateness to the clients at the time, and what mood it sets. Even the lighting deserves consideration; anything that contributes to the environment inside of the facility and the comfort that it offers to clients.

Best Customer Service

Think of your salon or spa as a concierge of beauty services. From the moment a client, or a potential client, steps in your door until they leave your chair, the attention should be all about them. It makes sense to greet them in the reception area by name when possible, offer a beverage, and inform them if there is any wait time. Offer a comfortable place to sit and even a magazine for their wait time. When ready for their service, show your client where to change into a smock and for women, where they can hang or store their purse and in the winter, their coat and umbrella. For spas, let the customer know where they can store their clothes and other belongings during their service. Once in your chair or on your table, you would naturally take the necessary steps to pamper the customer throughout the service but be sure to continue your efforts until they have checked out and left.

These are all simple things that we should all know and do, but when the salon or spa gets busy, are easy to fall through the cracks. To keep the optimum level of customer service for all clients, train your receptionists and all assistants to step up in these areas as much as possible. Their help will relieve some of the pressure from the stylists, colorists, facialists, or other service operators. It’s also important that support staff coordinates their efforts so that clients are not overwhelmed by too much attention or being asked the same question multiple times.

Make Great Conversation

It’s up to you to offer not only great conversation but the right amount of banter. Be aware that not all customers want to chat during their service, but that doesn’t mean they have to sit there in silence. Just make any topics of conversation about their immediate comfort and build up from there. If their answers are short and to the point, take the hint and keep your chatter to a minimum. However, for those who do love the gab, ask about their day, how work is going, and what the family is up to. Essentially, what’s new since their last appointment.

Consider making a few notes on their client log to remind you what was said for their next appointment. Don’t be creepy about it, as remembering too much detail may make some clients uncomfortable. Just general notes that can lead to interesting conversation the next time they are sitting in your chair: “How was your vacation,” “Did you get that promotion,” etc.

The Right Vibe

Keep all conversation on the positive side; in fact, strive to offer a positive vibe throughout the entire facility. Clients can pick up on tension and negativity, and that can make a bad impression on their overall experience. Your entire staff should make a conscious effort always to project positive and welcoming energy. It always pays off!

Be Grateful

A simple thank you can go a long way, even on the busiest of days. Take a moment to thank your clients for choosing you and your salon or spa.

Offer Rewards

Consider offering a rewards program to loyal clients to incentivize them to continue, even refer others. Happy, well-respected clients not only keep coming back, they tell others about the great service!

Provide Expert Advice

Step up to offer hair care and styling advice to your customers so that they can always look their “just-out-of-the-salon” best. You can even let Rosy make intelligent suggestions based on that particular client’s buying history or the service performed that day using suggestive selling. Salons using this feature report a 19 percent* average increase in product sales, and clients love the personal attention to their specific needs. * Study performed with Aveda in 2008.

Be Genuine

As tough as it may be at times trying to balance everything, always take a genuine interest in your clients. Every time they step into your facility is another opportunity to make someone’s day and to help them feel great about themselves; the REAL reason they go to a salon or spa to begin with. Step up, connect, and make a difference one client at a time and you’ll give them a reason to keep coming back!


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