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With Rosy, day-to-day salon and spa operations are automated and easy to use. In turn, client satisfaction, loyalty, and sales increase.

Secure hosted Internet cloud technology provides almost unlimited power and flexibility – in one affordable, easy-to-use salon software application. The future of salon management is Rosy! The best salon software on the market!

Below we’ve provided a list of our most frequently asked Rosy Salon Software questions. Click on the question to get your answer.

Rosy Salon and Spa Managment Software is centrally located on secure, state-of-the art servers in the Cloud. You and your staff simply access the software over the Internet. The Rosy difference is that you are subscribing to a service. We are responsible for maintaining the entire system. There’s no software to buy, no server in your salon or spa, no maintenance, and no hassles. You are free to access your information anytime and virtually anywhere. With a hosted system, you get the most powerful, flexible salon/spa management software available today without major upfront investment or maintenance headaches.

The large volume data handling capacity of Rosy’s Cloud servers allow sorting capabilities, huge databases, email marketing, and other programs that would be cost prohibitive to most salon owners in a locally installed application. It allows Rosy to integrate easily with other Internet-based solutions to bring the most value to your business without significant investment.

Point-of-sale focus provides instant access to the information you need to offer exceptional customer service at every step. Rosy links and records every appointment, every transaction and every keystroke to the client record. All information is instantly accessible (or even pops up automatically) at appropriate times to provide your entire staff with a clear understanding of client preferences, purchase patterns, and habits. Empower your staff, create client satisfaction, and reap the benefits with this powerful salon checkout software.

It’s one of Rosy’s intuitive features that improves your bottom line. Clients typically rely on the advice of their stylists when purchasing products, but stylists are often a little shy about making recommendations. Rosy isn’t shy. Data such as customer history, service links to products, and new product launches is continuously correlated. At checkout, Rosy will make intelligent suggestions for product purchases based on that particular client’s buying history or the service performed that day. Salons using Rosy report an average 19%* increase in product sales, and clients love the personal attention to their needs. * Study performed with Aveda in 2008.

It’s fast, efficient, and personalized. Click on an available time slot and enter the client’s name; then click on the service to be performed. Multiple services for one client? Rosy will work out the schedules in a few seconds, giving the client a choice of two or three plans. Once the appointment is made, all information on that client is immediately available with a click on the appointment screen. This includes contact information, color formulas, personal preferences, and a complete retail/service history. Notes and reminders may be inserted to pop up at any time during the appointment or scheduling to help your staff enhance the client’s experience.

When the client enters the salon, one click automatically generates a sales ticket with accurate pricing, ready for payment at checkout. Internal notes may be sent from the stylists or back room to the front desk to indicate last-minute changes in services or product recommendations. Rosy truly is the best salon booking software!

With Online Client Scheduling (OCS) the client makes his/her own appointments by accessing the salon’s website or facebook from home, office or any Internet connection. Each client has access to his/her data only, with salon-authorized individual logins and passwords. They may schedule or check their own appointments; view service and product history; check gift card balances. Busy clients really appreciate the 24×7 convenience.

Most salons have a tiered pricing structure, charging more for experienced or popular employees’ time. During the initial setup of your Rosy system, each employee is assigned a pricing level or tier so that the automatically-generated sales tickets show the correct price for services. In addition, you may choose to program some services with a waiting period (for instance, processing time for color or perms) so the schedule shows the employee free for other appointments during that “down” time.

It’s the smart, easy way to promote sales and customer loyalty. Many salons today send promotional mail to their clients. It’s friendly and increases traffic, but it can be time-consuming and not always cost effective. Rosy’s email marketing feature can turn your marketing efforts into sales. Intelligent, targeted communication is the key, and it’s virtually free. Select combinations of data – clients who receive color treatments tied to color treatment product promotions, for instance. Compose your message or use one of Rosy’ convenient templates, tell Rosy how you want it personalized, and send it to everyone in your database that fits your chosen criteria with just a click of the mouse. If a stylist will be on vacation, select all that stylist’s clients and let them know via email. Send birthday greetings, or send email appointment reminders to everyone on next week’s schedule.

Rosy doesn’t stop after the email is sent. Promotion results can be tracked and analyzed to provide the information you need to refine your marketing strategies. Increased sales are the goal, of course, but never underestimate the good will created by simply remembering birthdays, confirming appointments, or just sharing news.

It’s a combination self-support tool and news source that helps subscribers get the most out of their Rosy application. Support allows you to communicate interactively with Rosy support directly from your Rosy home page. Email your questions or comments and receive answers through Support. Get the latest news, updates, and problem solving techniques. Download documentation. Review billing information and pay online in a secure environment.

The average profit margin on retail products is typically twice that on services, so it pays to increase product sales while maintaining tight control of your inventory. Rosy’s real-time salon inventory software system keeps continuous, accurate track of every product in your salon and adjusts the inventory figures each time you make a sale, process a return, or receive a new product shipment. Rosy will alert you when you’re running low on any product according to your own pre-set trigger points, without time-consuming physical inventories every week or wading through salon inventory reports. You’ll save time, spot sales trends, simplify order processing, and maximize product sales – all while reducing inventory costs. You’ll never again miss a profitable retail sale due to lack of inventory.

Every major business in the world relies on the Internet to conduct business, and all Internet service providers ensure dependable availability. You can be assured that your data is safe in the event of a power or even an Internet failure. Rosy performs automatic backups with multiple backup locations to protect against any loss of data. This is the same technology used by financial and commercial institutions. In-house applications are far more likely to have downtime problems and data loss.

In the unlikely event that the primary internet connection goes down at your salon or spa, there are multiple options: As a backup, you can purchase a cellular link card or even use your phone as a gateway. Additionally, you may have wireless Wi-Fi capabilities in your location that can be utilized. Remember, Rosy access isn’t restricted to the computer at your front desk. We can advise you of alternate options that would work best for you, in your environment.

This is a major priority to Rosy. Each salon’s account is a separate entity, protected by a security code and passwords. Absolutely no other subscriber can access your salon’s data. Once the system is accessed, there are further levels of security clearance. Each person has access only to the information necessary to his/her job. If an employee leaves, his/her password is no longer valid and the system will not respond. Floydware maintains the highest safeguards against viruses, hackers, and loss of information with the same SSL certified protection used in online banking.

Each salon or spa in a group or chain generates its own operational data (such as appointments, client records, employee records, inventory usage, income, etc.) and has no access to another salon’s data. However, some or all of this data may be accessed and pooled at a central location to enable centralized oversight, shared resources, or call center abilities for scheduling, marketing, inventory, etc. It’s made possible because Rosy is a centralized, web-based application.

One salon location with computers at several workstations needs only one internet connection. Most Internet service providers offer a wireless option that will allow multiple computers to communicate over one Internet connection. An alternative is to install a simple router to allow multiple computers to access the same Internet connection. Multiple salon locations require one Internet connection per location with no limit on the number of networked computers at each site.

Wherever you are, you have real-time access to everything that’s happening at your salon. Want to review daily sales figures from your home office? Simple. Just log on from home. Out of town at a show and forgot to order your inventory? No problem. Just find an internet connection and log on to Rosy. You can even generate a purchase order which can be faxed or emailed to your supplier.

For the user, Rosy is virtually maintenance-free because there’s no server or software in your salon or spa. We are your own personal IT department, maintaining the system at our central server so you can concentrate on managing your business. When you report a technical problem, we don’t talk you through a “fix” and hope you’ve done it correctly. We fix it at the source. On the other hand, if you have an application problem or question, we’re here to discuss it with you in plain English, and we’ll work with you personally until it’s resolved.

Upgrades are applied at the central server and are immediately available free to all subscribers – no installation hassles, no fees, no downtime. Your Rosy application is always technologically up to date without buying or installing new software.

No problem; they don’t have be. This easy salon software comes with complete training and support. Rosy is so easy to use that most employees become proficient in just a couple of hours. The browser-based screen format is familiar to Web users everywhere. All parts of the system are clear and logical, written in plain language, with pop-up screens to assist you. The Rosy concept was developed by salon owners who understand the unique language, challenges, and needs of the business. And someone is always here to answer your questions.

You might not think so at first, but it’s that large volume data handling capacity that integrates all aspects of your business and makes Rosy so effective. The ability to sort and link large amounts of information is the key to Suggestive Selling, personalized client attention, accurate financial and performance data, email marketing, and Rosy’s uncomplicated, user-friendly operation. Why not make your life easier and your small salon more profitable?

The next time someone asks, “what is the best salon software?” you’ll be able to answer – Rosy!

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