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The First Salon Software Designed To Manage Rental Salons

Provide Front Desk Support Without Compromising The Private Information That Comes Along With Running Your Business

Rosy’s booth renter salon software allows owners to easily manage any or all of their stations as rentals. With all of the features that Rosy affords, owners and renters have the freedom to run their own business.  Both owners and renters can set their permissions as they see fit, while having the option to let the front desk manage their schedules. The front desk can schedule appointments and check clients in for everyone, while the renter’s financials and client information remains private.

For the first time, a salon client can seamlessly book services at the front desk for more than one service provider and even purchase products from the salon’s inventory.  Renters can simply disconnect from the salon at any point and either operate independently or plug into another salon account down the road. It’s that easy!


Service Providers

People who perform services

Standard features
Owner Premium Package*

Standard  + Client Connect

Standard features
Renter Premium Package*

Standard + Client Connect
1 $29 $37 $19 $27
2 $39 $55 $19 each $27 each
3 $49 $65 $19 each $27 each
4 $59 $75 $19 each $27 each
5 – 10 $69 $101 $19 each $27 each
11 – 15 $79 $127 $19 each $27 each
16 – 20 $89 $156 $19 each $27 each
21+ $99 $192 $19 each $27 each

*Optional Upgrades
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