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Having easy salon and spa scheduling at your fingertips is important - we get that!

Rosy’s appointment scheduling software has features that allow double booking, enhanced workflow, cancellation management, and the ability to access your schedule from anywhere. It takes just a few clicks to book appointments, easily work out plans for multiple appointments, access client history, and personalize reminders.

Rosy knows that efficiency is a priority in your busy salon or spa. That’s why salon and spa appointment software is so important.

With Rosy, the most comprehensive software in the salon and spa industry, your salon or spa’s appointment scheduling is effortless. All features are intuitive and easy to use, and you’ll find the list of scheduling features to be quite extensive and helpful.

It just takes three letters and a few clicks for you and your team to book appointments, easily work out plans for multiple appointments, access your client’s history, and personalize their reminders. All client information is immediately available with a click on the appointment screen. Access contact information, color formulas, personal preferences, and a complete history for services and retail purchases in a snap.

Easy to use, Rosy’s browser-based interface is familiar to web users everywhere. And the average training time is just two hours! This ease of use dramatically reduces your training costs and time spent implementing a software solution in your salon or spa. Rosy frees up your staff so that they can provide the personal attention that builds client satisfaction and loyalty.

You simply won’t find other software that has Rosy’s capabilities and ease of use! It’s the ultimate salon and spa appointment application!

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“I was skeptical to change software, but (Rosy) has been a breath of fresh air. We are able to schedule and check clients out without hassle. This company is worth taking a hard look at! Good customer service, easy to navigate, easy to train, and reasonably priced.”

- Kurt Boeckenhauer, Revive Day Spa