Selling Salon Retail Products

Effectively Selling Salon Retail Products

Effectively Selling Retail

When selling salon retail products to your clients, it really does not matter if you have a sales background or not.  What is important is that you don’t put them off by trying to push them into buying something that they may or may not need or want. Instead, try some of these tactics:

First, Believe

Choose to recommend only the products that you believe in. Find brands that you trust and feel comfortable standing behind as a professional.

Be an Expert

Recommend products but don’t push your client to buy. Instead, offer advice as to what products are best for their needs. You are, after all, the expert. Just work to gain your client’s trust first and then the sale is more likely to happen.

Try Me

Product samples are a great way to allow clients to try something new without any obligation. Most people want to give a product a try before committing to make a purchase, so samples are the ideal solution. If a client really enjoys a product after trying a sample, they’re more likely to try similar products from that same line.


When you recommend a product, approach it with your client as an investment in their hair or skin, depending on the product. If they paid for professional hair color, for example, they’d want to protect that color and keep it vibrant, longer with the right aftercare. If your client has regular facials, chemical peels, and deep treatments in the spa, they’ll be able to keep that youthful glow longer with the right regimen at home. By using recommended professional products, they’ll extend the life of whatever treatment they just received and will be happier and more confident with your recommendation down the line.

Quality First

Take the time to explain to clients what it is about the product that makes it the best possible solution for their needs. Also, quash the notion that they can get cheaper products that are just as good at the drugstore. Explain that professional grade products are not only of higher quality than their non-professional competitors, but they are typically more concentrated. A higher concentration means using less product each time, which makes the investment go that much further.


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