Rosy Features: Product Reservations and Mobile Web Apps

Our goal is to provide legendary customer service. Customer service at Rosy is about always putting you, the salon or spa owner, at the forefront of every single thing we do. That means that all of the new features in Rosy Salon Software meet one critical piece of criteria: will it help your business?

Salon owners design our software. No features are created just for creation’s sake. They are carefully mapped out and thought out by salon owners. Two of our newer features, product reservations and mobile web apps, help to address two much-needed pieces of the salon owner’s business.

Product Reservations

Most of us hairdressers have products we love and know exactly how and why they should be used. However as artists we are sometimes reluctant to sell products. The reality is it is in our best interest to sell retail products to our clients so they can achieve the same results and take care of expensive chemical services properly.  Study after study shows that not only does the client desperately seek your advice, they will remain your client three times longer when they use the proper products.

Product reservations remove the high pressure sale. When your clients are scheduling appointments online, Rosy looks at the client’s retail history, service history, and the services being scheduled that moment to make appropriate and meaningful product recommendations.  All that is left to do is educate the client on how to use the product.

Not only will your retail sales soar, you can really streamline your inventory!  No more dusting products on a shelf that have sat there for months, and best of all, no more lost sales because you’re out of stock on an item. Know exactly which product to order for your client’s next appointment!

Mobile Web App

Just like you, your clients are constantly on the go and attempting to perform all of their daily tasks right from their smartphone or tablet.

Our responsive design allows you to create a gorgeous site, with a beautifully, custom branded homepage that your clients can access from any device! Now your clients can schedule appointments and reserve products directly from their phone, tablet, and yes, their desktop. The best part is the lack of hassle on your end. Updates come automatically and there is no software that you need to install or manage. We’ll handle all of the boring techy stuff and leave the hairdressing to you.


7 thoughts on “Rosy Features: Product Reservations and Mobile Web Apps

  1. Ready to start Rosy. I need all the help I can get. Thank you for your work to make Rosy a friendly site.

    • Sherry,

      Rosy doesn’t offer a mobile web app because Rosy is completely mobile responsive. You can, however, save Rosy to your home screen on your Iphone 6 and use it similar to an app. Here’s an example from LifeHacker on how to do this:

  2. How do I get the app for my phone? We have rosy already, but I deleted my app because it was acting up, and now I don’t know how to get it back!

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