Outrageous Client Quips

From time to time we conduct surveys with our clients to see how we’re doing. Sometimes we even throw in a fun question just to see where it goes, as some of the answers can be absolutely hysterical. Here’s one that we think you’ll enjoy…

What’s the most outrageous thing a client has ever said to you or asked you to do?

I was asked to cut dreadlocks out while still leaving the hair long.

If I could come over her (the client’s) house and take care of her kids.

He (the client) gave me a milk coupon for a tip and then asked me out.

To shave his head bald and cover it with blush and lipstick.

A woman came for a facial and asked if I could not use water.

I was 22 and got propositioned to swing with an older couple who were clients of mine. I said no if you’re curious! LOL

One of my dearest clients of 10 years who gets her color done every 4 weeks with a single process color formula on a level 2/0, “Let’s take out all this color. I wanna be platinum blonde.”

I have lots of clients that tell me about affairs and divorces. TMI

Shave the bottom of her hair the night before her wedding. It had NEVER been discussed. Luckily I talked her out of it.

A massage client once said, “Don’t hurt me too bad. You inflict a good pain and I know it helps but it’s like an itch I can’t scratch when you do that elbow in the butt thing!”

“I got a perm 40 years ago and it ruined my hair and it’s been curly ever since!”

To unzip their fly when using the restroom so they won’t smudge their nails.

To shave off her shoulder-length hair just because she wanted to surprise her husband.

A lady once came in with a baggie of hair for me to color match and when I asked where it came from she pointed to her pubic area.

A man asked me to rub tanning lotion on his back before he got in the tanning bed.

I had pink in my blonde hair one time and a client told me, “Maybe you shouldn’t do that color anymore.”

I had a client beg, and I do me beg – on her hands and knees and everything – for me to groom her Golden Retriever!

I had a kid who was a skier, and he raced downhill. I had to shave the mountain logo on the back of his head before every race for good luck, I used to tell him when he got to the Olympics, to give me a shout out. Well that kid went on the make it to the Olympic downhill ski team, but he got appendicitis and then a complication, and the poor kid missed the Olympics. True story!

So, what’s your most outrageous client request or funny quip? Comment below…


2 thoughts on “Outrageous Client Quips

  1. First he offered to pay me 20$ to fill out his intake form for him. During the massage he asked if I would like to be kidnapped and held for ransom on his private boat, and that I was worthy of diamonds and they belong on all my fingers and toes…. Yeah, he was asked to never come back…

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