How to Grow Your Hair Out

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Are you looking to grow your hair out but are dreading that always awkward “in between” stage? Here are some suggestions to help you reach your desired length without all of the hassle and aggravation that usually goes along with it.

Start the process by clearly communicating with your hairdresser so that we understand your end goal. That will allow us to make suggestions and to help implement an exit plan from your shorter hairstyle.

As tempting as it is, never completely skip hair appointments or just “allow” your hair to grow out. This will result in an odd shape during the process, which will likely cause distress during styling. Also, just allowing your hair to grow out without regular trims will eventually result in damaged, possibly split ends. Since there really is no cure for split ends other than cutting them off, eventually you will have to cut off more length than desired. To ensure healthy ends, continue with regular haircuts, but space them out further between appointments to allow your length to grow. This will let us reshape your hair with subtle changes each time, making the transition much more tolerable.

Be sure to keep up with daily as well as weekly deep treatments, that way your hair is always well nourished and moisturized. Also, consider using leave-in treatments to help protect against thermal, as well as UV damage.

You can even look into adding more biotin or fish oil into your diet to help strengthen hair from the inside out. Prenatal vitamins can help too, but consult a doctor first, as they do contain strong hormones.

If the process of growing your hair out is simply taking too long, consider adding hair extensions. If installed and cared for properly, extensions shouldn’t cause damage to your existing hair and can be a great way to extend your current length, even add volume, until you can get there on your own.

In the meantime, we highly suggest experimenting with various styling techniques to pin, tuck, braid or slick hair back, up, or even kick outward to look stylish until you reach your desired result. Just remember that during the process, we are here to help!

Article courtesy of Rosy Salon Software.


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