Dream Big, Make Your Parents Proud

Dream Big

As a child, I was instilled with a strong work ethic from my parents. My father taught me that if I worked hard and applied myself, success would follow. My mom was especially supportive when it came to following my dreams and taking risks. That mindset is what enabled me to open my first salon at only 25 years of age, and why I could transition from that to starting Rosy in 2005.
Recently my mom reached out to tell me about an interesting conversation she had with her sister, Pat, who lives in California. Pat owns and operates an accounting firm, where she does taxes, provides payroll services, and so forth for small businesses. As coincidence would have it, three of her clients happen to own hair salons. Pat mentioned a software program that all three of her salon clients now use that makes her work 10 times easier because it’s so comprehensive and tailored to the salon business.

Much to my delight, not to mention my mother’s, the software turned out to be Rosy! Pat couldn’t say enough good things about it from her accounting perspective and reported that her clients think Rosy is so fantastic and easy to use, that it’s changed their lives. Pat was beyond thrilled to learn that Rosy is her own nephew’s brainchild!
The communication with my mom ended with kudos and much love from a very proud parent. It was also a rewarding moment for me, as the person who influenced me the most in life, who always had my back, got to witness her own good doings come full circle.

Whether a salon or spa owner or the founder of a software company, it’s important to put your best work out front and stand firmly behind it knowing that it’s the best it can be. Seeing your vision and hard work come to fruition and witnessing when it helps others is one of the most rewarding moments imaginable. My best advice to you, from one business owner to another, is to work hard, dream big, take risks, and stay true to your ethics, as your good doings will someday come full circle too!

– Jim Bower


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