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Conversion Services

Conversion Services

You came to the right place to ditch your old software!

We understand that the process to switch salon or spa software can be a daunting task for many salons and spas.  You have years of client information, history, notes and product information and you simply feel stuck.  In addition, unlike Rosy, many software vendors make it very difficult (if not impossible) to easily access your data to make a switch.

With Rosy Conversion Services we can ease this process by accessing the available data we need to help you jump-start your setup process.

Our conversion services typically  include:

  • Client Information (Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc.)
  • Service History
  • Retail History
  • Client Notes
  • Client Formulas
  • Gift Certificates
  • Product Inventory

Once you start a Free Trial you can request Conversion Services from your Account Manager.

*Conversion services normally are priced at $300 and up, but is now FREE!!