Cleaning & Maintenance for Salons & Spas

Cleaning & Maintenance for Salons & Spas

It’s no secret that salons and spas require a fair amount of cleaning, maintenance, and general upkeep. However, the key to maintaining a clean and well-running facility is to plan for its care on several levels. Here’s what we suggest:

Everyday Upkeep

An average day in the salon uses up towels and smocks, finds the back bar brimming with spent foils and color tubes, and the sink stacked with color tools. The floor is littered with cut hairs and has been splashed and dripped with water from the shampoo bowls to each station and back. The waiting area is scattered with half-torn magazines and bottles are jumbled or depleted on the retail shelves. With the number of people coming through for various services each day, not to mention the staff that supports those services, a salon can be left in severe disarray.

Naturally, you can make it part of everyone’s job description to tidy up between clients and help keep supplies stocked, but the reality is that service providers make more money when working at full capacity. Although they should certainly do their part and clean up after themselves, they are not there to clean. You can task receptionists with straightening up the reception, waiting and retail areas, but their function is to greet and check out clients, and take bookings over the phone. On a busy day, they are so bogged down with their primary tasks that the other stuff typically remains undone.

That’s where assistants or interns come in handy. Although they are in the salon to learn and grow to the next stage of their career, the trade-off is helping keep things tidy part of the time. Make it a part of their duties to straighten up in everyone else’s wake and to keep the supply of towels, smocks, even toilet paper, in check. Their job is to make it easier for the service providers to pamper clients and for the clients to enjoy their visit.

Deeper Cleaning

As much as staff and assistants can help with ongoing daily chores, there is still another level of cleaning that needs to happen. Depending on the size of a salon and how busy the days are, sweeping up hair is just not enough. Salons need a more in-depth cleaning every couple of days on average. This cleaning includes washing all surfaces including mirrors and countertops, dusting retail shelves, scrubbing restrooms, and damp-mopping the floors. This in-depth cleaning is not a set of tasks that you can expect your staff to complete. That’s why most salons hire a cleaning crew to come in at least a few times per week. The janitorial service providers do the deeper cleaning that you don’t have the time or energy to do yourself or simply can’t expect of others. You’ll need to make this service part of your overhead for maintaining the salon.


There’s also another level of salon or spa maintenance that needs to be taken into consideration. The traps in the shampoo bowls need to be unblocked on occasion, the air filters in the heating, cooling and ventilation system cleaned or changed and burnt out light bulbs replaced. Unless you are the fix-it type, these occasional chores may be best tasked to a “handyman” service.


Beyond daily, weekly, monthly and bi-annual cleaning and maintenance, there will be times that you’ll need a plumber, electrician, and even a general contractor. Sinks do back up, electrical issues do crop up, and occasionally you’ll need repairs to other areas of your facility. Also if you didn’t need these services when you first opened your salon, have a few options available for each type of service, as you never know when you are going to need them.


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