Automating Spa Scheduling

Automating Spa Scheduling

Your spa is an oasis for relaxation. A place where your clients can take refuge away from their busy lives and where they can expect to be pampered in a tranquil environment. Naturally, this sense of calm is possible only provided everything behind the scenes is operating as it should. One glitch in the schedule can be disastrous to your day, ruining the experience for your clients and likely causing them to rethink their choice of spa venue. And of course those less-than-stellar experiences usually find their way onto Yelp and other review sites, which could be devastating to your business.

This is where spa booking software can help. A vital tool to any appointment-based business, booking software automates the appointment scheduling process and eliminates the possibility of human error. With this automation, no more forgotten bookings that can come with catastrophic results.

Spa booking software provides a lot of benefits, one of which being online booking. This feature not only automates schedule management, but there are a growing number of clients that want the convenience of booking their appointments through a spa’s website.

According to Software Advice, an online resource for software buyers, 76% of spa guests prefer to book their spa appointments digitally, but less than half (44%) are currently making their bookings that way. Why the disconnect? It seems that spas aren’t offering online booking options, and it could be hurting their business. Here’s how the data breaks down:

Guest’s Preferences for Booking Spa Appointments

Platform Preference

Only 23 percent of spa guests surveyed say they prefer traditional booking methods such as calling the spa or making an appointment in person. However, the data also reveals that spa businesses may be lagging when it comes to adopting to digital booking. In spite of their desire to book online, a majority of spa guests surveyed used traditional methods to book their most recent appointment.

Platform Used to Book Most Recent Spa Visit

Platform Used

What does this disconnect mean? There’s a good chance that many of the spas used by the survey takers aren’t offering digital booking options, forcing guests to call or book in person. Businesses that don’t offer these capabilities will need to adapt in the very near future, or they risk providing subpar experiences and failing to satisfy their guest’s expectations. Being in a service industry, it’s important to always provide what clients need and want. Otherwise someone else will!

There are many factors to keep in mind when selecting spa scheduling and management software; cost, ease of use and vendor customer service should be top of the list. However, it’s also crucial to make sure your software enables you to give your customers what they want.

Research uncovered one crucial capability guests want in an online booking platform: the ability to choose a specific therapist or service provider when booking.

Guest Likelihood of Selecting Specific Staff Members for Therapy

Choose Therapist

Over two-thirds of guests (68 percent) say they are moderately or very likely to choose a particular staff member for their appointments when booking online. Specifying a specific therapist for an appointment using traditional methods might seem easy enough. But without an automated calendar, the front desk must constantly coordinate with therapists to keep availability up to date.

Moving to an automated appointment booking system means real-time calendar updates, so customers booking an appointment online can see when their favorite therapist is available and easily schedule an appointment with them.

The introduction of specialized spa management software is having a huge impact on the appointment-based industry and can have a positive effect on your business too. So, are you ready to start booking online for your spa? Your competition certainly is!


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