An Efficient 2017

After saying goodbye to 2016 and ringing in 2017, we are all looking ahead to a new beginning. The new year brings a chance to reflect on the previous months and to look forward, to reset and reorganize as needed for the new year ahead. This is the ideal time to look into emerging trends and to make sure that you are making the most of your salon management software to meet the needs of your clients.

The Cloud is the Future
Because of the ease of use and constant access to data from anywhere and on any device, cloud-based software is fast becoming the norm. No more being tethered to a single computer or having to deal with expensive networks. And that portion of your time that has been used for dealing with IT issues and software incompatibilities can now be spent doing what you do best… helping your customers (or actually taking a vacation). If you haven’t already made the decision to go with cloud-based salon and spa management software, this is the time to give it a try.

Mobile Everything
Smart phones play a huge role in how your clients run their lives. Most expect to be able to do everything from ordering food to scheduling appointments and buying product on these handy little devices. If your salon or spa is not taking advantage of this easy access between your clients and the services they seek, you will miss out and they will go elsewhere. It is that simple!

To make the most of all things mobile, simply set up your clients with online scheduling. It’s basically a link through your website and or Facebook business page that they can access however they are the most comfortable: smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Appointments can be scheduled whenever they feel the need and automatic confirmations and reminders will be texted or emailed (or both) based on your clients’ preferences. In addition to the easy access for your customers, mobile access and online booking will also help to fill your schedule, curb no-shows and will take the burden off of your front desk.

The New Front Desk
Organizing your salon or spa with management software will help make your front desk more efficient and therefore will increase your bottom line. Online technology will allow less time to be spent booking appointments and making confirmation calls. Instead, your staff will focus on the overall experience for clients, effectively becoming a salon or spa concierge. Happy clients lead to higher ticket sales and increased chances of referrals and favorable reviews. For a service industry, that’s an absolute win!

So, is your business ready to be efficient in 2017?


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