Allocating Electrical Power for Your Salon

Allocating Electrical Power for Your Salon

Are you starting a new salon or revamping an old one? Do you have issues in your existing location with constantly tripping circuit breakers?

Whether you are starting a new salon from scratch or taking over or even revamping an existing facility, be sure to inspect and possibly amp up the electrical power for your salon. Because each station has the potential of having several heated tools drawing power at any given time, in the United States a standard 110v 15 AMP outlet will not cut it, at least not for long. Too much of a draw of power at once will trip the circuit breakers, resulting in interrupted service. That’s simply annoying for you, your clients, and your staff!

For each hair station, the suggestion is to have a 20 AMP outlet on a separate 20 AMP circuit. If a station is or will be used for continuous amounts of high heat, like a blow dry bar, you may be better off with several dedicated 20 AMP outlets per station each on their own 20 AMP circuit. That way your electrical power will remain steady, even on a busy Saturday afternoon.

In the case of an electric dryer for any laundry facilities, an electric water heater or air conditioning system, a 220v 45 AMP outlet and circuit may be required for each.

When it comes to any electrical work, always consult with and hire a licensed electrician. That way you are confident that you have enough power to run your business effectively and that all electrical work including wiring in your salon is to code. If you hire an unlicensed electrician, do the installation yourself (assuming that you are not a licensed electrician), or the work is not to code, you run the risk of faulty work. And, should an issue arise that causes a fire or other damage, such flawed work may void your insurance. It’s worth the extra money to hire a professional, which will give you both peace of mind and limit any problems down the line.


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